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10 Baseball Countries Besides America

I was watching a George Carlin stand-up comedy show. He has a legendary routine about baseball. In fact, he is not the only one who jokes about America’s favorite pastime.  

Usually, the joke goes that ‘there should not be a World Championship of baseball if it is only America who plays’.  

The joke is good.  

But for a long time now America is not the only country that is good at baseball. Not anymore. In fact, some countries like Philippines and Japan have had baseball for almost as long as U.S. In some countries it simply hasn’t caught well. 

In any case, there is some good news for baseball.  

The sport has becoming more popular. For example, there are now baseball-themed online slots even, sites like show that not only football has broken into online gaming.     

There have also been plans to return softball and baseball to the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, in 2020 after a 12 year hiatus and recently they have been confirmed.


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Here are Top 10 baseball countries to look for in the upcoming Olympics: 

South Korea 

The current holding champion that won gold medals in Beijing, 2008 Olympic Summer Games. This performance was a spectacular as well as came into history as the first Olympic Gold medal for an Asian country.  

However, since then South Korea’s performances have been declining slightly after finishing 9th and 10th in 2013 and 2017 World Baseball Classic.  


Japan has played baseball for almost 150 years. If you are an avid reader, you can often find baseball mentioned in the novels of Haruki Murakami. In fact, baseball may be Japan’s most loved sport. They are good at it, too having finished third and second in the Olympic Games but they are certainly looking to win the Gold medals at the Olympics on their home turf.   


Baseball fans don’t need introductions to Cuba baseball. 5-time Olympic medalists (3 Gold, 2 Silver). The country will be hungry to come back to the top after a bitter loss to South Korea in 2008.         


Australia came a bit of a surprise for many fans in 2004 Olympic Games. They played well against Japan in the semi-finals and it gained baseball a ton of new fans back home, however after the hype died off, baseball growth in Australia slowed down.   

The other six countries in this Top 10 list are Canada, Netherlands, China, Greece, Italy and Israel. They all have had varying degrees of success in baseball but any of them could become the dark horse of the 2020 Olympic Summer Games.    

I hope that fans from countries that are not on this list don’t get offended. Baseball is becoming more and more popular in Europe countries such as Greece, Spain, Ireland not to mention Americas, such as Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Venezuela.    


Baseball is a great sport that needs more popularity. I’m passionate about the sport that’s why I couldn’t be happier about the baseball making a comeback to the Summer Olympic games. Who do you think will win? Leave a comment. 

Top 5 Baseball Players of all time

While there have been many great players in the history of baseball, there are some players who just cannot be forgotten for their talented plays and achievements. Here we have a list of top 5 baseball players of all times:

Babe Ruth:          

Babe Ruth is not a stranger when it comes to baseball. He is one of the best baseball players till date. He entered the Major Baseball League in 1914 where he played for Boston Red Sox. He later played for New York Yankees and Boston Braves. With his entrance in the major leagues, he started shaking the world of baseball and set a record for home runs in one season. He also astonished people with his great hits and is considered one of the best hitters in the history of baseball. His slugging percentage of .690 has added to his legendary plays. During his entire career, he achieved .342/.474/.690.

Willie Mays:

Another person we cannot fail to mention in our list of top 5 best baseball players is Willie Mays. He played as the centre fielder for the New York Giants, San Francisco Giants and New York Mets during his career for 22 seasons He was a talented player known for hitting 660 home runs, batted in 1903 runs, 156 OPS + and had 3283 hits during his entire career as an MBL player. He was the first player to achieve more than 3000 hits. Mays also won 12 Golden Glove Awards.

Barry Bonds:

Barry Bonds was a capable left fielder, and during his career, he played for Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants from 1986 to 2007. He was voted MVP seven times and won 8 Golden Gloves. Bonds hit 714 home runs and had a lifetime average of .444 on base percentage. The home runs he achieved made him well known. In 2004 he had .609 on-base percentage, and it was the highest of that season. The statistics he achieved during his career was .298/.444/.607.

Hank Aaron:

Hank Aaron definitely makes it into our list of top 5 best baseball players of all times. His staggering 755 home runs during his career made him an iconic figure in the history of baseball. He had 305/.374/.555 and .928 OPS. He played as a right fielder. He was a part of the Milwaukee Braves after which he joined Atlanta Braves and then Milwaukee Brewers. His career in the major leagues started from 1954 to 1976. Hank Aaron won three Golden Gloves as was the NL’s MVP for 24 years.

Ted Williams:

The last person we have included in our list is another great left fielder, Ted Williams. He spent his career with the Boston Red Sox. He had an incredible on-base percentage during his entire career .482. Despite playing for a short time due to the war that was going on during that time, he managed to set records and might have had more if he continued playing regularly. He had .344/.482/.634 and 190 OPS+ during his entire career.


Best Baseball grounds in the world

What makes a stadium special is not only the field where the players play in. It also includes the design, food, comfort of seats, space and aesthetics. Each ballpark has its own uniqueness, pros and cons. Though it is a subjective opinion, here we have compiled a list of best baseball grounds in the world in no particular order:

Wrigley Field:

Wrigley Field is the home ground of the Cubs and is one of the oldest baseball stadiums crossing its 100 years in 2014. It was originally constructed for the Chicago Whales however the Cubs made it their home and reconstructed it to what it is now. The ivy on the outfield wall has been a beautiful iconic trademark of the Cubs. It has a classic touch to it, and the historic feels will make you fall in love with the ballpark.

Kauffman Stadium:

Another ballpark that we would include in our list of best baseball grounds is the Kauffman Stadium which belongs to the Kansas City Royals. It was built in the 1970s. There are beautiful water fountains surrounding the stadium is aesthetically pleasing, and the stadium is family friendly.  It has a large appealing concourse where one can also bring young toddlers to.

Oriole Park:

Since 1992, the Oriole Park has been home to the Orioles. Oriole Park is known as one of the best retro ballparks. It has a beautiful and appealing look to it which you have to experience in person. The red bricked factory, the giant clock, outfield walls and the view of Baltimore Inner Harbour makes the park even more attractive.

AT&T Park:

AT&T Park is home to the San Francisco Giants who has won some World Series Championships. The view of McCovey Cove besides the ballpark is something worth going for. People who have been to the ballpark also boast of the good food found in the stadium. It is also well known for its great exteriors, outfield concourse, giant glove and Cokz bottle which gives an aesthetic look to the ballpark.

Dodger Stadium:

What makes the Dodger Stadium special are the seats with table tops. Home to the Los Angeles Dodgers it was built in the 1960s. It is a classic and simple ballpark. The simplicity is the charm of the stadium. The ballpark is also famous for the food available in the stadium.

Coors Field:

The Coors Field was inaugurated in 1995 and has seen great renovations. Home to the Colorado Rockies, it has been said that the Coors Field has one of the best home run parks. It also has a bar or a party deck which has garnered a lot of attention. The atmosphere, food, drinks and view you get is worth visiting for.

Fenway Park:

Home to the Boston Red Sox is the last baseball grounds that we chose to include in our list. It is the oldest ballpark. The Fenway Park has a great atmosphere that fans love. It is known for the park’s design.

Top 6 legendary Baseball matches

Over the past years, viewers have witnessed some great moments in baseball. The unpredictable nature of the game, drama and turn in events has led to some legendary matches.

Yankees vs. Dodgers (Game 6, 1956):

The 1956 game with Yankees 2 and Dodgers 0 is one of the baseball matches fans will always remember. The legendary performance by Don Larsen is one which is spoken of till date. He finished off all the Dodger players and got 27 out in a row.

Pirates vs. Yankees (Game 7, 1960):

The Pittsburgh Pirates finished off the Yankees with a score of 10-9 and is one of the greatest moments in baseball history. Yankees were a big team that was dominant in baseball. The Pirates surprised viewers by defeating the powerful team. They started off strong by leading from the beginning. It was one of the greatest games even termed as a David and Goliath game.

Twins vs. Braves (Game 7, 1991):

One of the best moments in pitching was seen in the 1991 game between the Twins 1 and Braves 0.  It is considered as one of the best World Series ever. Jack Morris was the man of the hour who showed an incredible performance. The game was filled with drama and suspense till Gene Larkin brought the win for the Twins.

Cardinals vs. Rangers (Game 6, 2011):

Game 6 in 2011 has to be one of the most exciting matches that we have witnessed. The Cardinals were on the verge of losing as the Rangers led by 7-4 in the eighth inning. The game saw a turn of events in the eleventh inning where David Freese scored a home run to end the game leading to Game 7 for both the teams. It was a dramatic and happy moment for the Cardinals. In the next game, the Cardinals won the World Series with a 6-2 win.

Red Sox vs. Reds (Game 6, 1975):

The game between Red Sox and Boston Reds in 1975 is considered another legendary match that was unpredictable and interesting. The Boston Reds started off well. However, the game saw a twist from the fifth inning, and the Red Sox won 7-6. The Reds won game seven however game 6 is a match that will always remain a part of the best matches.

Cubs vs. Indians (Game 7, 2016):

Even though this match is a recent one, it is one of the greatest matches in the World Series. It had everything from drama, tension, delays great performance, etc. The Cubs started out well and were leading till the ninth inning where it was a draw both 6-6. The game had extra innings, and by then the rains disrupted the match. The Cubs coach took this time to have a talk with his team and once the game continued. The 10th inning was a turning point for the Cubs as they won the game 8-7. It was a historical moment for the Cubs to win the World Series after 108 years.

What is so special about Baseball that attracts people?

Although baseball is not as famous as other sports worldwide, it is a great sport having its own uniqueness and charm. It also has an important place in the history of America which is also why a lot of Americans love the sport. The sport tends to give you a sense of leisure, calmness as well as entertainment and drama occasionally. Baseball fans love the game because of several reasons. In this article we will list several reasons as to what makes baseball so special:

The fans:

The fans have always been a big contributor in making baseball special. The loyalty they have and atmosphere created especially on opening days are worth looking forward to.


The parks of different baseball teams vary and are unique. Not even one looks alike. That exactly is what differentiates baseball from other sports. Fans of various teams visit rival or other teams’ home ground just to visit the ballparks.

Social charm:

Baseball is one of the few sports having the appeal of socialisation. One can bring friends and families together to watch a game. Families can even bring young toddlers to games. It is a friendly sport to people of different age groups.

A huge number of games:

Baseball is one of the few sports played out for a long time spanning to 162 games over six months. The sport is played every day and gives more time to fans to watch their favourite team play. This makes baseball special because one will not find a sport that is played as frequent as baseball.


Another reason that makes baseball special is the skills required to play. It is intriguing to see the dynamics that is played out between players who hit and those who pitch.

Ticket prices:

There are many games to attend, and the ticket prices are relatively lower compared to other sports. The less expensive nature of tickets is another appealing feature that makes the game special.


Unlike other sports where winning teams are pretty much predictable once they lead with more points, baseball is the opposite. No matter how much points a team leads with, you can never predict what will happen because there are no time constraints. Every team will get the same number of chances. A game can last for 3 hours and even more.

Eligibility criteria to play:

Another reason that makes baseball special is that one does not have to be tall or have a strong built to be able to play the game. Skills are required however unlike other sports where there are limitations to who can play the game because of physical features; baseball is not limited.

Team and individual sport:


The fact that baseball is a team as well as an individual sport at the same time makes the sports special. The contributions made by players are independent, and they do not require dependence on other players. At the same time, each’s performance contributes to the team’s success.