What is so special about Baseball that attracts people?

Although baseball is not as famous as other sports worldwide, it is a great sport having its own uniqueness and charm. It also has an important place in the history of America which is also why a lot of Americans love the sport. The sport tends to give you a sense of leisure, calmness as well as entertainment and drama occasionally. Baseball fans love the game because of several reasons. In this article we will list several reasons as to what makes baseball so special:

The fans:

The fans have always been a big contributor in making baseball special. The loyalty they have and atmosphere created especially on opening days are worth looking forward to.


The parks of different baseball teams vary and are unique. Not even one looks alike. That exactly is what differentiates baseball from other sports. Fans of various teams visit rival or other teams’ home ground just to visit the ballparks.

Social charm:

Baseball is one of the few sports having the appeal of socialisation. One can bring friends and families together to watch a game. Families can even bring young toddlers to games. It is a friendly sport to people of different age groups.

A huge number of games:

Baseball is one of the few sports played out for a long time spanning to 162 games over six months. The sport is played every day and gives more time to fans to watch their favourite team play. This makes baseball special because one will not find a sport that is played as frequent as baseball.


Another reason that makes baseball special is the skills required to play. It is intriguing to see the dynamics that is played out between players who hit and those who pitch.

Ticket prices:

There are many games to attend, and the ticket prices are relatively lower compared to other sports. The less expensive nature of tickets is another appealing feature that makes the game special.


Unlike other sports where winning teams are pretty much predictable once they lead with more points, baseball is the opposite. No matter how much points a team leads with, you can never predict what will happen because there are no time constraints. Every team will get the same number of chances. A game can last for 3 hours and even more.

Eligibility criteria to play:

Another reason that makes baseball special is that one does not have to be tall or have a strong built to be able to play the game. Skills are required however unlike other sports where there are limitations to who can play the game because of physical features; baseball is not limited.

Team and individual sport:


The fact that baseball is a team as well as an individual sport at the same time makes the sports special. The contributions made by players are independent, and they do not require dependence on other players. At the same time, each’s performance contributes to the team’s success.

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