Top 6 legendary Baseball matches

Over the past years, viewers have witnessed some great moments in baseball. The unpredictable nature of the game, drama and turn in events has led to some legendary matches.

Yankees vs. Dodgers (Game 6, 1956):

The 1956 game with Yankees 2 and Dodgers 0 is one of the baseball matches fans will always remember. The legendary performance by Don Larsen is one which is spoken of till date. He finished off all the Dodger players and got 27 out in a row.

Pirates vs. Yankees (Game 7, 1960):

The Pittsburgh Pirates finished off the Yankees with a score of 10-9 and is one of the greatest moments in baseball history. Yankees were a big team that was dominant in baseball. The Pirates surprised viewers by defeating the powerful team. They started off strong by leading from the beginning. It was one of the greatest games even termed as a David and Goliath game.

Twins vs. Braves (Game 7, 1991):

One of the best moments in pitching was seen in the 1991 game between the Twins 1 and Braves 0.  It is considered as one of the best World Series ever. Jack Morris was the man of the hour who showed an incredible performance. The game was filled with drama and suspense till Gene Larkin brought the win for the Twins.

Cardinals vs. Rangers (Game 6, 2011):

Game 6 in 2011 has to be one of the most exciting matches that we have witnessed. The Cardinals were on the verge of losing as the Rangers led by 7-4 in the eighth inning. The game saw a turn of events in the eleventh inning where David Freese scored a home run to end the game leading to Game 7 for both the teams. It was a dramatic and happy moment for the Cardinals. In the next game, the Cardinals won the World Series with a 6-2 win.

Red Sox vs. Reds (Game 6, 1975):

The game between Red Sox and Boston Reds in 1975 is considered another legendary match that was unpredictable and interesting. The Boston Reds started off well. However, the game saw a twist from the fifth inning, and the Red Sox won 7-6. The Reds won game seven however game 6 is a match that will always remain a part of the best matches.

Cubs vs. Indians (Game 7, 2016):

Even though this match is a recent one, it is one of the greatest matches in the World Series. It had everything from drama, tension, delays great performance, etc. The Cubs started out well and were leading till the ninth inning where it was a draw both 6-6. The game had extra innings, and by then the rains disrupted the match. The Cubs coach took this time to have a talk with his team and once the game continued. The 10th inning was a turning point for the Cubs as they won the game 8-7. It was a historical moment for the Cubs to win the World Series after 108 years.

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