Top 5 Baseball Players of all time

While there have been many great players in the history of baseball, there are some players who just cannot be forgotten for their talented plays and achievements. Here we have a list of top 5 baseball players of all times:

Babe Ruth:          

Babe Ruth is not a stranger when it comes to baseball. He is one of the best baseball players till date. He entered the Major Baseball League in 1914 where he played for Boston Red Sox. He later played for New York Yankees and Boston Braves. With his entrance in the major leagues, he started shaking the world of baseball and set a record for home runs in one season. He also astonished people with his great hits and is considered one of the best hitters in the history of baseball. His slugging percentage of .690 has added to his legendary plays. During his entire career, he achieved .342/.474/.690.

Willie Mays:

Another person we cannot fail to mention in our list of top 5 best baseball players is Willie Mays. He played as the centre fielder for the New York Giants, San Francisco Giants and New York Mets during his career for 22 seasons He was a talented player known for hitting 660 home runs, batted in 1903 runs, 156 OPS + and had 3283 hits during his entire career as an MBL player. He was the first player to achieve more than 3000 hits. Mays also won 12 Golden Glove Awards.

Barry Bonds:

Barry Bonds was a capable left fielder, and during his career, he played for Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants from 1986 to 2007. He was voted MVP seven times and won 8 Golden Gloves. Bonds hit 714 home runs and had a lifetime average of .444 on base percentage. The home runs he achieved made him well known. In 2004 he had .609 on-base percentage, and it was the highest of that season. The statistics he achieved during his career was .298/.444/.607.

Hank Aaron:

Hank Aaron definitely makes it into our list of top 5 best baseball players of all times. His staggering 755 home runs during his career made him an iconic figure in the history of baseball. He had 305/.374/.555 and .928 OPS. He played as a right fielder. He was a part of the Milwaukee Braves after which he joined Atlanta Braves and then Milwaukee Brewers. His career in the major leagues started from 1954 to 1976. Hank Aaron won three Golden Gloves as was the NL’s MVP for 24 years.

Ted Williams:

The last person we have included in our list is another great left fielder, Ted Williams. He spent his career with the Boston Red Sox. He had an incredible on-base percentage during his entire career .482. Despite playing for a short time due to the war that was going on during that time, he managed to set records and might have had more if he continued playing regularly. He had .344/.482/.634 and 190 OPS+ during his entire career.


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